Fiberglass Roof Repairs

Have you noticed cracks in your fiberglass or felt soft spots? have you noticed water stains or leaks inside? The smallest stress crack in your roof can cause severe damage to your houseboat roof. DON"T ignore a crack or water leak as it most often signs of a more serious problem. Whether you need minor repairs or a whole new roof, we are here to help.     

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Gelcoat wears over time and shows signs of wear and tear. Protect your fiberglass with new gelcoat. Now offering non-slip gelcoat, call for details  

Boat Painting

Are your stripes fading or peeling? Refresh the look of your boat with new painted stripes  

Roof top bars

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Exterior lights

We can install lights that fit your budget.

from rope lights to neon lights tha twill ight up your boat and give that 


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